Organisations that prioritize responsibility are the leaders of the future

Sustainability at the core of business enhances a company’s positive footprint in the world. With new EU regulations, systematic sustainability efforts are becoming increasingly relevant for many organizations.

Operating responsibly strengthens corporate culture and provides work with a greater purpose, enhancing employees’ sense of meaning. This has a direct impact on well-being, productivity, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

We are happy to assist in sustainability efforts – we have solid experience in developing sustainability work in various organizations.

We support our clients on the journey of sustainability

We assist our clients, for example, by coaching the leadership team on the benefits and opportunities of corporate responsibility, helping to create a roadmap for a sustainability program, conducting stakeholder and materiality analysis, and independently auditing previously conducted sustainability work.

Strategic partner in developing sustainability work

We help our clients get started with corporate responsibility by assessing the current situation and the sustainability requirements relevant to the client. We support our clients, among other things, by defining the priorities, goals, and metrics for sustainability work in collaboration with the client.

Social and economic

We particularly assist our clients in developing social and economic responsibility. We support our clients in areas such as managing human rights risks, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) training, and anti-corruption efforts.

Sustainability programs in accordance with regulations

We support our clients in preparing for sustainability reporting (CSRD) and in sustainability work in line with EU taxonomy and the appropriate due diligence obligation, among other things.

For us, collaboration turned out to be a bit like winning the lottery. We realized that everything we needed for launching group-level sustainability work could be managed through the Code of Conduct Company. The collaboration demonstrated strong expertise and professionalism, and we received valuable assistance in building our policies.

Mårten Beijar, HR Director, Fibox Group

Example of Collaboration: Sustainability Reporting (CSRD)

Current State Assessment and Executive Coaching

We initiate collaboration by reviewing the legislative requirements together with the management. Following this, we assess the organization’s current state from the perspective of CSRD. The analysis is conducted through interviews and a review of documentation.

Materiality assessment

Sustainability reporting standards mandate organizations to conduct a doublemateriality analysis aimed at identifying sustainability impacts essential to the organization’s operations. The materiality analysis builds on the results of the current state analysis and is complemented by engaging stakeholders. The outcomes are validated in workshops.

Sustainability Action Plan

Based on the previous steps, we assist in forming a plan for necessary measures to ensure the organization’s readiness to report in accordance with the sustainability reporting directive. The roadmap also encompasses actions to address sustainability requirements in a business-oriented manner.

Continuous Support for Sustainability Work

We support the client in implementing the measures arising from the previous steps. This includes assistance in sustainability reporting and training on ESRS topics related to economic and social responsibility.

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