Our story

Niina Ratsula founded the Code of Conduct Company in 2018 after quitting her job as the Director of Ethics & Compliance at Kemira LLC. The company was born out of a willingness to improve ethical business conduct and responsible business in Finland. To this day, we have been privileged to have helped dozens of Finnish companies and public administration agencies with promoting ethical business practices and good governance.

The Better Business, Better World Report (2017) shows how pursuing sustainable development goals could raise as much as 11 trillion euros in new market opportunities. We firmly believe that it is ethical leadership combined with ethical decision-making which form a starting point for real corporate responsibility. In addition to corporate responsibility reports and code of conduct, we need individuals to commit to ethical and legitimate activities and understanding of what responsible and ethical decision-making mean in our everyday lives.

That is why our mission is to encourage Finnish companies to do the right thing.

Our values

In addition to placing a lot of emphasis on the meaning of work, we also focus on its how. Our values guide us in everything we do, and they form a core around which our recruitment, vision, and mission are built. / They form a basis for our recruitment, vision, and mission.

We are driven by our values – Transparency, Authenticity, Heartiness, and Respect – to create ethically sustainable futures for our clients.

Transparency means not having any secrets from colleagues or customers. We always tell what we know while still respecting secrecy agreements. For the customer, this means transparency of the true cost structures and refusal of such projects that we believe do not create value for the customer. For personnel and customers this means that all information is accessible by everyone.

Authenticity means that we have the right to come to work as ourselves. We do not believe in separate self and work identities but in extraordinary individuals who are at their best when being themselves. Authenticity also means that we act with honesty and respect. It is our duty to question, make mistakes, and learn from them. We go over all issues at meetings, not in the hallways afterwards.

Heartiness means regularly slowing down to listen to ours hearts. To contemplate how we can demonstrate integrity at work so that we can sleep at night.

We want to do the right thing in everything we do – especially when faced with the most difficult dilemmas.

Respect means treating others and the nature around us well.