Code of Conduct as a Guiding Principle for Ethical Behavior

Values are a powerful management tool. Often, they are formulated to a more concrete ethical principles, such as Code of Conduct.

The most important task of ethical principles is to provide employees with common rules on what is allowed and what is not allowed in the organization – what is a common way of acting even in difficult situations. Often the rules also apply to business partners.

However, the instructions are of little help in daily operations if they are only documents presented on the website. For the Code of Conduct to genuinely correspond to daily operations, it must be ensured that the guidelines have been written and communicated in a way that is meaningful to the personnel. We are happy to help you with this.

Milestones for cooperation

We act as formulators and lyricists of ethical principles and are responsible for facilitating and leading the entire process. The result is clearly articulated and inspiring ethical principles that guide all everyday activities and support the realization of the company’s values. In addition, we help you implement ethical principles into your organization’s everyday life with our extensive communication and training concepts.

Creating the Code

We begin the cooperation by familiarizing ourselves with the operating environment and mapping the current state through a management workshop, a survey directed at personnel, and supplementary interviews. We write effective ethical guidelines based on information gained from the organization.

Living the Code

The mere existence of ethical guidelines does not guarantee their effectiveness. We help you integrate ethical principles into your organization’s everyday life through (online) training, Code of Conduct handbook, workshops and other communication materials.

Improving the Code

Good ethical principles stand the test of time, but they are not eternal – effective cultural work requires long-term work. We help in the continuous development of operations and ethical guidelines through data analysis.

This initiative was not a secret project by the management; rather, it was genuinely built together with the staff. When the guidelines are not dictated from above but have been defined together, we can also expect everyone to commit to them.

Katja Riikola, Human Resources Director, Port of Helsinki

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