Encounters for a more ethical working life

Building a culture of ethical conduct is a shared responsibility. Commitment to ethical behavior and understanding the subject within workplace communities are the first steps toward its realization. We are happy to assist in building a common understanding.

We provide training, facilitate discussions, and speak about various themes related to ethical working life. You can request tailored encounter on ethical working life for your organization or community.

Engage your community in a culture of ethical conduct

Interactive training sessions online and in-person

We offer training to our clients on ethical business practices, corporate culture, and themes of social and economic responsibility, both remotely and on-site. Additionally, we provide customized online training sessions for organizations.

Engaging and inspiring workshops

We assist our clients in constructing a more responsible and ethical work environment by conducting workshops and facilitating discussions on challenging topics related to ethical business practices. Our facilitation approach is gentle yet practical.

Inspirational speeches and lectures

We promote a culture of ethical conduct with a strong professional touch through inspirational speeches and lectures. Niina Ratsula, the founder of Code of Conduct Company, is one of the most sought-after speaker on responsible working life.

Your expertise and competence shone through in the training, sparking considerable interest and discussions among the audience. The models and examples were easily comprehensible, bringing theory close to reality. You have excellent teaching skills. The audience won’t fall asleep.

Seija Henttunen, Risk Management Specialist, Research Council of Finland

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