Governance is a fundamental requirement for a sustainable organisation

GRC is a framework designed to guarantee the organisation’s efficient and secure operation in compliance with both legal regulations and internal requirements. All these actions must be tailored to the organisation’s specific business and operational context to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy.


Elements of governance can be found in every organization, even if there is no formal governance system
 in place. Through these elements, the organization is led and monitored in a
way that considers the interests of all stakeholders.

We assist our clients, for example, in formulating values, mapping
and documenting controls, drafting and implementing policies, as well as establishing a whistleblowing channel and developing the misconduct investigation process.


Risk management supports the achievement of organizational goals by identifying and managing the opportunities and uncertainties it faces.

We assist our clients, for example, by creating risk assessments, advising management on organizing risk management tailored to the organization, and providing training for management, the risk management team, or the entire organization.


An effective compliance program helps management ensure that the organization operates responsibly and in accordance with the law.

We assist our clients, for example, in assessing ethical and compliance risks, providing compliance training and communication, as well as establishing a compliance program, developing a roadmap, and creating a governance structure.

With Niina’s assistance, we were able to assess the current state of the functions falling under our compliance operations and develop a concrete action plan for their improvement over the next few years. We can warmly recommend Niina and Code of Conduct Company for similar assignments.

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