Online Training for Staff

Training your staff on ethical principles is a crucial step in integrating them into the everyday life of the organization. We develop online training for our clients, covering the comprehensive training of the Code of Conduct and delving deeper into specific Code of Conduct and compliance themes.

From our diverse range, you can find straightforward cloud-based services. We can build customized online training for your organization based on these services in just a few weeks, aligned with your brand. We also create various levels of SCORM-based training modules that seamlessly integrate into your learning environment.

All training modules include practical examples and exercises that help incorporate the making of ethically sustainable choices into the organization’s daily operations. You can choose the most suitable online training for your organization from the options below. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide a more detailed presentation of our training solutions!

Turnkey solution

We create a browser-based Code of Conduct online training for your organization, with content fully customizable to meet your organizational needs and brand identity. Hosted on the Vuolearning platform, the training consists of text, images, and engaging assignments, which can be enriched with videos and illustrations if desired. You won’t need your own Learning Management System (LMS), as we manage the training for you with a monthly fee.

Ipact with Interactivity (Articulate Rise)

Articulate Rise-based training is built on text, images, and engaging assignments. These versatile Rise courses offer a wide range of interactive elements to enhance the impact of learning. Learning is far from dull! This training requires its own LMS learning environment, to which we deliver the finished training as a SCORM package.

All the bells and whistles
(Articulate Storyline)

In an Articulate Storyline-based training, the sky’s the limit. We can create a structure and appearance tailored specifically to your organization. Storyline training allows the creation of separate learning paths, enabling the targeting of different sections to different audience groups. This training also requires its own LMS learning environment, and we deliver the finished training as a SCORM package.

Code of Conduct Academy to support ethical operating culture

Did you know that online learning has been acknowledged as one of the most impactful methods for promoting lifelong learning? The Code of Conduct Academy provides an online training service with a wide array of courses dedicated to ethical practices in the professional sphere.

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