Code of Conduct Communication

There are several ways to communicate ethical principles. Below are multiple examples of Code of Conduct handbooks, as well as samples of screensavers and animations. In addition, over the years, we have produced posters and other visual materials to support Code of Conduct communication.

Convey ethical principles with a Code of Conduct handbook.

Ethical principles should be easily accessible every day. We have created dozens of Code of Conduct handbooks for various organisations – publicly traded companies, family businesses, municipal enterprises, and international conglomerates. The handbook brings ethical principles to life through concrete examples and daily reflections. You can explore and choose a model that resonates most with your organization from the examples below.

Communicate with Code of Conduct screensavers

Many of our clients have opted for screensavers as a communication tool, providing an easy and cost-effective way to present ethical principles to every employee. There are various ways to implement screensavers.

Use animations to support communication

Many of our clients have chosen animations as a means to support the communication of responsible practices. Animations work well as part of broader online training programs, but they can also be applied as “teasers” for the topic, for example, on the intranet.

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