Code of Conduct for the City of Imatra

Development of a code of conduct for Imatra City Group through workshops and training

“Code of Conduct Company facilitated a workshop for the Imatra City which laid the foundation for the Imatra City Group’s code of conduct. The workshop raised a discussion about the importance of ethics in the organization’s activities as well as typical situations where ethical principles are being put to the test. The workshop was partly arranged in small groups with the aim of reflecting concrete applications of ethical principles from various points of view. 
The results of the workshop were analyzed in the whole group. Niina helped us to form a proposal for the Imatra City Group’s code of conduct which was later reviewed among the personnel as well as city council groups and board of directors. Later on, a training session for all managers was organized which covered contemplated the created code of conduct.

Are you looking for inspiration to develop the ethical principles of your organization?

Code of Conduct -training

The Code of Conducts are our core competencies and we have alreade created our own digital Code of Conduct training for numerous organizations.

A Guide to drafting ethical principles

We have put together a guide that we hope will inspire you to build and implement ethical principles!

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