Establishing a Code of Conduct

Code of conduct and everyday activities are inseparable.

Values are the guiding principles of leadership. In the workplace, values often occur within the context of shared ethical principles – Code of Conduct.

Code of conduct guides and informs employees of the modus operandi of the workplace: a sense of what is acceptable and what not. Usually, the code of conduct also applies to cooperation partners.

However, the shared ethical principles mean nothing if they are merely words on a website. In order to practice ethical decision-making on a daily basis, the code of conduct must be clear enough for employees to understand.

We help our customers to design and implement authentic Codes of Conduct and related policies and guidelines. We do this by providing education on business ethics, facilitating Code of Conduct workshops and writing down the ethical principles in a clear and inspiring way. Our aim is to helpo companies create ethical principles which makes sense to employees and helps them to perform better in their everyday work. We also provide extensive online training services.

We have participated in Code of Conduct projects for dozens of organizations. Based on our experience, a winning end-result is achieved by the following process:


Analysis of current values and guidelines for the new code of conduct with the management.


Confidential employee survey to understand how they perceive ethics in their daily work.


Facilitated workshop and script writing to formulate the code of conduct principles.


Implementation of code of conduct through various training and communication strategies.

Do you want to learn how to develop and launch a code of conduct?

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