Design of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Responsible business is good business

  • Organizations with responsibility as a core element make a more positive impact on the world.
  • By investing in corporate social responsibility, organizations get a broader picture of their impact on the society.
  • A responsible way to go strengthens corporate culture and gives a bigger meaning for work which further builds a more fulfilling employee experience. This has a direct impact on workplace wellbeing, productivity and customer satisfaction as well as customer loyalty.

Based on our experience, an effective corporate responsibility program is a result of the following continuous process:

  1. Management commitment on the basis of shared values
  2. Setting the CRS organization and understanding organization’s impacts on people and planet
  3. Setting goals and creating action plan
  4. Measuring and follow up
  5. Continuos improvement

In addition to open and honest communication, a continuous dialogue between interest groups is indispensable throughout the process.


We will help you get started with corporate responsibility work by, for example:

  • coaching the executive team about the benefits and possibilities of corporate social responsibility
  • helping with the design of a corporate responsibility roadmap
  • conducting a stakeholder analysis
  • facilitating a value chain analysis and documentation
  • independent auditing of past sustainability work

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