Digital Training for Personnel

We are convinced that the culture of doing the right thing arises not from compulsion or intimidation but from the sincere will to act according to one’s values. Both the responsible and irresponsible activities of the organization are built up by the people within it. We believe that communication is most effective when directed to helping people recognize ethical dilemmas and making ethically sustainable decisions.

With these beliefs in mind, we help organizations with influential and meaningful communication. Dozens of global and local organizations have utilized our Code of Conduct and Compliance e-learning courses which have been produced in over 10 languages.


If you are interested in training and developing your organization, we are here to help you with creating following content:

  • Creation and implementation of digital training for personnel and interest groups
  • Content creation and visual implementation for corporate responsibility communication in the form of blog posts, guidebooks, posters, and leaflets
  • Arrangement of training sessions and workshops either face-to-face or remotely to support digital training material
  • Establishment of a comprehensive communication strategy for corporate responsibility and compliance communication


We have created a few online demo courses of our past training sessions. We wish that this material inspires you on the way to desigining your own training session. We will gladly help you with finding the perfect means of communication for your organization along with coaching about ethically responsible course of action.

Code of Conduct Training

Code of conducts are our core competence, and we have produced digital code of conduct training for dozens of organizations. Take a look at our cases and become inspired!

Communication Through Animation

Several companies have already chosen animations as part of their communication strategy. Animations are of great help as part of broader online courses but they can also be applied as teasers on the intranet.

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